Welcome to my Website!

I'm a programmer and active discord user

I offer many helpful services to the discord community!

Contact me
Discord username = SomeOrdinaryProgrammer#3482
Discord server = https://discord.gg/cjHgnfbjTq
Email = impactorcool@outlook.com

Server Buliding

$5 wumpus plan = $5 Nitro /Paypal
$10 rich wumpus plan = $10 Nitro /Paypal

Paid Promotion

$5 baby wumpus plan = @.everyone ping with your ad in my 150 member server
$10 generous wumpus plan = @.everyone ping w/ nitro classic giveaway with a req to join your server 

My shop

$5 = gain access to my secret server with a generator for a ton of paid accounts! $150+ value
$5 = i will host your website for you! with 24/7 up-time and fast page loading!!!


FREE = Discord server icon! Example 
FREE = Banner! Example

DM on discord or email me to purchase!!